Rudolf Presl GmbH & Co. Klinik Bavaria Rehabilitations KG: The Bavaria Kreischa clinic supports severely ­ ill patients on the „road to recovery“

The Bavaria clinic has specialised on treating chronically-critically ill patients. The development of medicine and the technical progress lead to new treatment methods and a higher survival rate among severely ill patients. Over time, intensive treatment can result in long-term or permanent dependency on life-sustaining technologies such as mechanical ventilation (chronically-critically ill). The “Centre for intensive-care medicine and me­­chanical ventilation weaning” can look back on 15 years of treatment experience and is the biggest facility of this kind in Germany. The treatment of these patients focuses on rebuilding their physical, mental and emotional abilities to the greatest extent possible. The specialist and private hospital has departments specialising in intensive care, internal me­­dicine, neurology, nephrology, ENT and urology. The Bavaria clinic’s rehabilitation facility offers all essential specialist departments, in particular required for neurological re­­habilitation. Apart from doctors, there are therapists and caregivers (especially trained especially to help these patients) to treat the severe consequences of the illness and thus supporting every step of the way on the “road to recovery”.


  1. Address

    Saidaer Straße 1
    01731 Kreischa
    Tel +49 35206 638-00
    Fax +49 35206 629-54

  2. Management

    Rudolf Presl

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Business activity

    Neurology and internal medicine
    Centre for intensive medicine and
    Ventilation weaning
    Specialist centre
    for medical rehabilitation
    Oncology/ haematology
    Orthopaedics/traumatology and centre
    for paraplegics
    General internal medicine, diabetes
    Metabolism, endocrinology
    Psychotherapy and behavioural medicine