Rösner: Products in field decorative and technical interior design

Treppe-und-Schatten-kopierenAs adviser for foreign trade I support you in your desire for individual rooms, but also when having or looking for people being interested in your product and to find customers for the matter close to your heart, your product or service with deco­­rative or technical priority in interior design.

You feel a desire how your personal but also your professional surrounding room should be presented decoratively. Often you find only uniform standard being offered, not fulfilling your desire for indi­­viduality. From floor covering up to the ceiling there can be found remedy. The manufacturers who partly hold already patents manufacture for use in private as well for professional purpose being a unique object or a small series. I com­­prehend interior design in a wide range at me it concludes also information tech­­nologies, first and above all such which makes work easier.

I enlarge the scene with my gallery in which you can find oil-paintings, photo­­graphy, too, increasing individuality of your private and professional sphere. Striving for international customers I keep an eye out for customers, current between New York City and Tokyo, bringing in my passion for the prevailing culture and language contacting those cus­­tomers for your product or service.


  1. Address

    Frühlingstraße 15
    33649 Bielefeld
    Tel +49 521 4464-86

  2. Management

    Bernd Rösner

  3. Business activity

    Decoration: tiles , glass, cushion, art and design, photography
    IT-Technology: IT-systems, databases, software engeneering
    Electricity: thermography, water technology, light and LED,
    electrical engeneering