Roche Diagnostics GmbH – Diagnostic and therapeutic innovation for health

Roche, headquartered in Basel, stands for innovative research and development of new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in personalised medicine like no other company.


Roche develops innovations for health and is strongly committed to improving people’s quality of life. In order to better tailor therapies to patients’ needs, the pharmaceuticals and diagnostics divisions work together in close cooper­­ation on tests and active ingredients. Each year, Roche invests 20 per cent of worldwide sales in re­­search and development and benefits from close networking with regional science.


At the world’s third largest location with­­in the corporation, Mannheim, Roche develops and produces innovative prod­­ucts and solutions for people with dia­­­­betes and cardiovascular diseases. The competency center for insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring as well as the German country organization for diagnostics and diabetes products, Roche Diagnostics Deutschland GmbH, are also located in Mannheim. It is furthermore home to the global lo­­gistics centre of Roche Diag­­nostics.

Roche – the focus is on people!



  1. Adress

    Sandhofer Straße 116

    D-68305 Mannheim

    phone +49 (0) 621 759-0

    fax +49 (0) 621 759-2890

  2. Management

    Dr. Ursula Redeker

    Edgar Vieth

    Dr. Thomas Schinecker

  3. Employees

    approximately 12.500
  4. Business activity

    Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics