Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund GmbH (RMV): On the move!

Since 1995, Rhein-Main-Verkehrsver­bund/RMV (Rhine-Main Public Transport Net­­­­work) has been an efficient partner within the overall transport system; as an in­­te­­gral part of the public transport system, it interlinks the whole region with its prod­­­­ucts and services. Its services in terms of sustainable improvements in and safe­­guarding of mobility in the Rhine-Main re­­gion are indispensable.

The federal state of Hessen, 15 administrative districts and eleven cities in the middle and southern parts of Hessen have joined forces; it re­­sulted in a regional and local public trans­­port network from one single source, which serves some five million res­­i­­dents in the region. The multiple tasks of RMV com­­prise transport planning, planning of the infrastructure, bid invita­tion and or­­der­­ing for public transport services in the re­­gion, joint marketing, financing, innovations within the transport system and infrastructural manage­­ment. More than 150 public transport providers have joined true to the motto: “one timetable, one ticket, one fare”. RMV wants to achieve two im­­portant objecti­ves over the next two years – an in­­creas­­ing inte­­gration towards a sin­­gle public transport system with a strong focus on its customers and the contin­u­­ous im­­provement of effi­cien­­cy and serv­­ice. Economical proficiency combined with a high degree of environmental com­­patibility are considered to be significant aspects of sustainable mobility.



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    Alte Bleiche 5
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    planning, placing of orders, financing, marketing, innovation (R&D), infrastructure