Raiffeisen Hunsrück Handelsgesellschaft mbH: Energy and environment – Both are on our mind

Raiffeisen Hunsrück is one of the largest rural co-operatives in Rhineland-­Palatinate. We see a continuously growing share of our business volume as supplying our customers with energy. Besides environmental and sustainability factors, cost-effectiveness in particular plays a part as well. The regular monitoring of markets, an extensive network of partners and our market strength enable us to procure and pass on liquid, gas and solid fuels at attractive conditions.

We operate our energy business, monitor markets and schedule our own heating oil and wood pellet tankers from our company head offices in Lingerhahn. We use seven heating oil and wood pellet trucks to supply our customers quickly and flexibly with liquid and solid fuels and our crane-truck distributes piece goods in the form of solid fuels, bottled gas and loose wood-­­pellets in “BigBags”. Each year, that makes some 55 million litres of heating oil/diesel and about 15,000 tonnes of solid fuels. Unlimited mobility with an excellent discount system – this is essential for a rural region and, thanks to our seven automatic filling stations24, is also possible.

  1. Address

    Bahnhofstraße 1

    56291 Lingerhahn              

    Tel +49 6746 345-0

    Fax +49 6746 345-190



  2. Management

    Alfred Muders

    Speaker of the board: Peter Assmann

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Business activity

    Heating oil, wooden pellets, diesel, liquid gas

    CountryGas, CountryPower, solid fuels, fuels

    7 filling stations (6 operating automatically 24/7)