Rabobank Deutschland: Customer benefits as core business: Rabobank

The Dutch Rabobank Group is one of the world’s largest and financially strongest banks. It maintains branches in 48 coun­­tries around the globe and its 59,000 staff all over the world support over ten million customers. Rabobank is not just big, but also rock solid. “Global Finance” magazine has listed Rabobank among its top ten of the most secure banks in the world for years. It also regularly enjoys excellent ratings from the key agencies. As well as its outstanding credit rating, Rabobank’s cooperative tradition is what makes it stand out from other banks. Rabobank originated in an agricultural credit union founded in the late 19th century. This legacy lives on today in various ways: both in the name (Rabobank stands for “Raiffeisen- und Boerenleenbank”, or “Raiffeisen and farmer’s lending bank”) and in the way it is organised. While most other large banks are obligated to the shareholder value, Rabobank is still not listed on the stock exchange to this day, and remains committed to its cooperative principles.

Rabobank has been present in Ger­­many since 1984. “Thanks to our tradition as an agricultural cooperative bank, Rabo­­bank has a clear business model. We are specialists in financing for agriculture and food production – you could say this is in the bank’s DNA. We see our cooperative legacy as an obligation to achieve the greatest pos­­­­sible benefits for our customers in an efficient and pragmatic way,” explains Mark van Driel, managing director of the German branch of Rabobank. Alongside corpor­­ate banking, RaboDirect was launched for private customers in 2012.

Leading bank for the food and agriculture industry in Germany. With a high equity ratio and an outstanding rating, Rabobank Frankfurt is a partner for both small and medium-sized companies and for multinational corporations. What makes the bank stand out is its ability to support companies not only in the traditional credit business, but also on the capital market. This competence on the capital market is supplemented by worldwide expertise in the food and agriculture industry. “All banks have financial expertise. We are also well-versed in the food sector and know how agriculture works in Ger­­many and in our customers’ international locations,” Mark van Driel sums up.



Furthermore, Rabobank supports its cus­­tomers in M&A processes and provides financing. Access to Rabo Trading Ger­­many, which specialises in buying and selling agricultural raw materials, is of particular interest to companies. As well as liquidity procurement, well-founded risk management is also a key part of financing company activities. The experts at Rabobank use their extensive knowledge of the sector to evaluate the risks involved in interest, currencies or raw materials prices.

An international bank for international business. Germany is the Netherlands’ most important foreign trade partner. In turn, the Netherlands are the second largest market for German exports. The International Desk assists German corporate clients who do business in the Netherlands, or would like to. A person­­­al contact partner at Rabobank Ger­­many gives them access to all financial services provided by the local Rabobank branches in the Netherlands. However, German customers do not only benefit from connections to the Netherlands. Rabobank is active all over the world. “Rabobank is especially strong in areas in which growth in the agricultural sector will play out in the coming years and decades, such as Africa,” explains Mark van Driel. He advises German com­­panies to become more involved in these growth markets. “German companies still do not have as strong a presence there as companies from other countries. But that’s where the future is.” Rabobank is present on the ground, not only with financing experts, but also with agricultural experts.
Active in private banking in Germany. Since summer 2012, Rabobank has offered instant-access savings accounts and saving services for private customers in Ger­­many under the name RaboDirect. This step is part of a tried-and-tested risk dis­­tribution strategy. The bank’s excellent credit rating is due in part to the fact that it gains deposits in markets in which it holds assets. This provides protection against fluctuations in refinancing and local differences in interest rates. Getting into deposit banking in Germany further strengthens this form of risk prevention.

“In its home market of the Netherlands, Rabobank holds a market share of 40 per cent in private deposit banking. Rabo­­bank was also a pioneer in online banking. Of course, we benefited from the expe­­riences of Rabobank when launching RaboDirect,” reports Klaus Vehns, who is responsible for the business as general manager of RaboDirect Germany. “Although the German savings market is highly competitive, we achieved outstanding success immediately.” Around 100,000 customers chose an instant-access savings or fixed-term deposit account with RaboDirect in the first six months. And because RaboBank is com­­mitted to a business model which uses efficient structures to generate the great­­­est possible customer benefits, even more are sure to join them.


  1. Adress

    Solmsstraße 83
    D-60486 Frankfurt am Main
    Telefon +49 (0) 69 79206-0
    Telefax+49 (0) 69 7714-61
  2. Executive board

    Mark van Driel
  3. Year of establishment

    The Rabobank Group was established
    in 1972 as a result of the merger of Coöperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Bank
    and Coöperatieve Centrale Boerenleenbank. Present in Germany since 1984, RaboDirect Germany since 2012.
  4. Employees

    59.000 (Rabobank Group)
  5. Business activity

    Corporate banking focusing on the
    agricultural and food industry (Rabobank)
    Private banking, instant-access
    savings accounts and fixed-term
    deposits (RaboDirect)