PV Crystalox Solar PLC: The key to solar power

PV Crystalox Solar PLC arose from the merger of the consolidation of opera­tive subsidiaries Crystalox Ltd. in Oxford, United Kingdom, and PV Silicon AG in Erfurt, Germany. PV Crystalox is one of the leading independent producers of solar silicon wafers used in photovoltaics. Thanks to its technological lead­ership, the company has since 1990 played a significant role in the photovoltaic industry. Over the past five years, turnover has increased almost eightfold from about 32 million euros to about 242 million euros in 2006. An internationally experienced management team, supported by highly motivated and well-trained employees in Germany, Japan and England are re­­sponsible for this success. In June 2007 it successfully listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company uses the additional funds for inhouse silicon production in Bitterfeld to create a secured silicon feedstock supply and to further devel­op international business relationships. The worldwide leading solar cell producers form the customer base of the company, with which it has successfully collaborated for many years. As a partner of the solar cell produc­ers as well as renowned research institutions further new products and technological solutions are being devel­­oped and offered for maximum custom­­er benefit.


  1. Address

    PV Crystalox Solar
    Wilhelm-Wolff-Straße 25
    D-99099 Erfurt
    Telefon +49 (0) 361 60085-900
    Telefax +49 (0) 361 60085-901

  2. Employees

  3. Products

    Monocrystalline and multicrystalline silicon wafers used in solar cells. Wafer
    dimensions range from 125 x 125 millimeters up to 312 x 312 millimeters, wafer thickness 180–240 micrometers