PSG Property Service Group: A trusted partner for your success

The PSG Group is an investor and asset manager that specialises in commercial real estate in the greater Berlin area. Some 300,000 sqm. in Berlin already testify to our competence.

PSG Management develops its stock of real estate as asset management, optimises its use, analyses and evaluates the investment and improves the profitability of the property concerned. In the property management field, PSG Management ensures transparent administration, which can be seen in returns-­­based parameters and enables future investment planning.

PSG Development regards itself as a full-­service property developer whose multi-project and interdisciplinary teams of architects, engineers, marketing people and project managers combine their extensive marketing expertise to manage property development projects from the first marketing and construction law analyses through to project conclusion, taking into consideration commercial viability and technical feasibility.

PSG Invest acquires properties through the use of solid, long-term financing structures.

The PSG Group has an extensive portfolio with a market value of approximately 360 million euros and 300,000 sqm of commercial space. This puts it in one of the top market positions in the greater Berlin area. PSG – through expertise to success!


  1. Address

    Kamenzer Damm 80
    12249 Berlin
    Tel +49 30 8058 40-00
    Fax +49 30 8058 41-00


  2. Management

    Christian Henke

  3. Business activity

    Development, management and marketing of real estate.