PROXITRONIC Detector Systems GmbH: Technology innovations – professional and reliable

Back in 1978, the PROXITRONIC De­­tec­tor Systems GmbH was founded as a spin-off from Bosch. It is a high-tech enterprise working on electronic and electro-optical technologies. The company pro­­vides high-tech solutions in the field of photon de­­tec­­tion and imaging for advanced re­­search and development, industry and security. The IMAGING divi­­sion develops and manu­­factures series and customised analogue and digital camera products, camera sys­­tems and components for special applications.

A broad product range in combina­tion with a worldwide sales network and the optimal technical support help the cus­­tomers to realize their technically challenging projects. In all of these areas PROXITRONIC is renowned for its innovative, individual solutions resulting in close co-operation with its customers. Projects can be handled from fea­­si­bility study to prototyping and subsequent serial production, ac­­companied by a dedicated quality management.

The PROXITRONIC Detector Sys­tems GmbH guarantees system performance, effective customer sup­­port, expert know­­ledge and ultimately customer satisfaction.



  1. Address

    Robert-Bosch-Straße 34
    D-64625 Bensheim
    Telefon +49 (0) 6251 1703-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 6251 1703-90
  2. Year Of Establishment

    1978: as spin-off
    of the Bosch Group
  3. Business Activity

    high-tech products in the fields of
    photon detection and imaging, analogue and digital camera products, camera systems and components
    for special applications