ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH: Metering, treatment and disinfection – the ideal solution for every requirement


Headquartered in the city of Heidelberg, the ProMinent Group has been a manufacturer of components and systems for metering liquids, as well as a reliable solutions partner for water treatment, for over 50 years. ProMinent works to­­wards greater efficiency and safety for their customers with innovative products, services and industry-specific solutions. With their “Focus on Solutions”, the com­­pany shows how process requirements can be met in practice and supports its customers around the world with the expertise of its experts. In doing so, the ProMinent Group focuses on the development, production and distribution of components and complete systems for the storage, transfer, metering and neu­­tralization of liquid chemicals.

Under the ProMinent brand ProMaqua, the company offers a comprehensive port­­folio as an independent technology provider for water treatment and disinfection. With Smart Disinfection, ProMaqua offers environmentally friendly, econom­­ical and sustainable water treatment and disinfection with the highest efficiency for any application case – all from one source, from consultation to operation. The product range includes chlorine di­­ox­­ide systems, electrolysis systems, UV systems, ozone systems and membrane filtration systems.


  1. Address

    Im Schuhmachergewann 5-11

    D-69123 Heidelberg

    Telefon +49 (0) 6221 842-0

    Telefax +49 (0) 6221 842-215


  2. Management

    Prof. Dr. Andreas Dulger
    (President and CEO)
    Dr. Rainer Dulger
    (EVP Operations)
    Thomas Koetzing
    (EVP Marketing and Sales)


  3. Year of establishment

  4. Employees

    2,300 in 55 subsidiaries,
    branches in more than 100 countries


  5. Relevant industries

    Oil & gas, chemicals, food, beverages,
    water supply, swimming pools