promeos GmbH: “A lot of companies waste energy.”

Whether in the metal, plastics, rubber, glass or textile industry – industrial thermal processes become more energy-efficient and more economic with the pa­t­­ented, flame-free and fully premixing promeos® gas burner technology. The gas burner technology is used in thermoprocessing plants as an alternative to conventional flame burners, electric fires and electric fans. promeos® also develops and builds heating systems that are tailor-made for specific processes and are ready-to-use. The technology prevents “hot spots”, reduces energy costs and CO2, improves the productivity and the quality of parts, is quiet and amortises quickly.

Metal industry: For melting, drying and preheating, e.g. in the furnace, in the continuous casting, for the transport of molten materials using foundry ladles and casting channels, for moulding tools and cast-iron moulds.
Glass industry: For drying, preheating and cooling e.g. in the batch channel, in the feeder, in the forming, in the lehr and for the annealing of the glasses.
Plastics and rubber industry: For shrinking, connecting and refining e.g. in pack­­aging plants, for the production of roller tubes, for vulcanising, in salt bath plants.
Textile industry: For drying and treating textile webs and printed fabrics.



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    Thermal processing technology