Prof. Dr. Thomas Doyé: Innovative and international – Study courses provide the lead in technology

The comparatively high location-related costs in Germany force local companies to continuously develop their technolog­ical lead. This advantage in innovation, which is based on specialized know-how, can only be maintained by continuously updating the relevant knowledge. This is the only way to justify higher (produc­tion) costs. The emerging economies, too, have realized this and increase their in­­vestment in education accordingly. In addition, countries like China, India and South Korea raise their spending on re­­search and development on a massive scale to sustain the economic upswing in the long term. Business owners, em­­ployers and employees have to face this growing competition and keep up with the high pace of innovation. At the same time, the shelf life of technology-related knowledge decreases more and more rapidly. The knowledge acquired during formal education, be it at vocational or university level, is no longer enough to last for a whole working life. Besides be­­ing a nice pastime, lifelong learning has become an investment in the in­­creas­­ingly knowledge-oriented society, which is essential for keeping our stand­­ard of living in the long run.
The Ingolstadt University of Applied Sci­­ences has made further scientific education one if its central concerns. Its af­­filiated Institute for Executive Educa­tion (IAW) and its offers are distinguished by high quality and flexibility and are thus particularly tailored to suit the needs of working people. Especially in the field of engineering, the University has ex­­ten­­sive expertise in delivering solutions to frequently occurring problems. It pro­­vides a wide range of further education opportunities, which cover all areas of tertiary education – further education courses leading to a master’s degree, qual­­ification programmes providing uni­­versity certificates, courses in the context of the International Summer Acade­my, sem­­inars tailored to individual com­­pa­nies’ needs, or public lectures in the frame­­work of a university forum or af­­ter-work courses.
By offering master’s programmes, Ingol­­stadt University of Applied Sciences of­­fers committed next-generation leaders and managers from all levels an opportunity to acquire a top-level degree while continuing to work full-time, which is a precondition for improving their career prospects.


Die Hochschule Ingolstadt hat sich die wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung zu ei­­nem zentralen Anliegen gemacht. Das dort angegliederte Institut für Akade­mi­­­­sche Weiterbildung (IAW) und dessen An­­­­­­gebote zeichnen sich durch hohe Qua­­­­­­li­­­­­tät und Flexibilität aus und tragen da­­­­mit den Anforderun­gen von Berufs­täti­gen in be­­­­sonderem Maße Rechnung. Die Hoch­­­­­schu­­le bietet gerade im technischen Be­­­­­­reich mit ihrer Fach­­kompetenz Lösun­gen für häufig nach­ge­­fragte Problem­stel­­lun­­­­gen. Das An­­­­gebot ist breit gestreut und trägt allen Feldern der Weiterbildung ein­­er Hoch­schule Rech­­nung – Weiter­bil­­­­­dungs­­­stu­diengänge mit Masterab­schluss, Qua­­li­fizierungspro­gram­­me mit Hoch­schul­­­zer­­­­tifikaten, Kur­­­se im Rah­men der In­­terna­tional Sum­mer Academy, maß­­­­­geschneider­te unterneh­mensspezi­fi­sche Seminare oder öffentli­­che Vortrags­rei­hen im Rahmen des „Hoch­­schul-Forums“ oder der „Hochschule am Feierabend“.

Mit dem Angebot an Masterstudien­gän­gen bietet die Hochschule Ingolstadt dem engagierten Führungsnachwuchs sowie Führungskräften aus allen Management-Ebenen die Möglichkeit, berufsbegleitend einen Abschluss auf höchstem Niveau zu erwerben und so die Voraussetzungen für den beruflichen Alltag zu verbessern.


At the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences, students can acquire an MBA degree in five different courses while working full-time.

In addition to the technology-oriented master programme “Applied Compu­ta­tional Mechanics”, the following four MBA programmes can be studied: “IT Man­age­­­­ment”, “Gesundheits­manage­ment” (Health Management; in cooper­a­­­­tion with the “Kli­­nikum Ingolstadt” hos­­­­­­pi­tal), “Per­­­­­­­sonal- und Organisa­tions­ent­­­­­wick­lung” (Hu­­­­­­man Re­­sourc­­es and Or­­ganization De­­vel­­­­­­­­opment), and “Com­pli­ance and Cor­­porate Governance” (with Daimler AG).

The knowledge transfer between the Uni­­versity and companies is optimized through what is referred to as “Cor­po­rate Programmes”, which are developed to suit each particular company’s re­­quire­­ments. Depending on the company’s cur­­rent situation and in line with the company’s preferences, the IAW prepares targeted seminar contents to be dealt with in the Corporate Programme. This includes anything from workshops to sem­­inars to complete master program­­mes for individual organizations such as Daimler, Edeka, Klinikum Ingolstadt, Pfleiderer, Siemens et cetera.Labore

People not willing to spend so much time can acquire university certificates by attending seminars and qualification programmes that last between two and ten days. Special attention is given to the International Summer Academy. In collaboration with the “Greater Munich Area” (GMA) university network, the In­­golstadt University of Applied Sciences uses this event for building internatio­n­­al contacts. For the first time, in 2010 the International Summer Academy will take place in Malaysia and Brazil in co­­operation with renowned universities from these countries. This challenging offer aims to provide interested working people an opportunity to participate in English-language further education pro­­grammes of a high international level. The subject matters include mainly eco­­nomic and engineering issues. In 2010, the focus will be on “Sales & Marketing”, “Leadership-Responsibility-Change” and “International Automotive”.
Since the beginning of 2009, the special ambience of the stylishly renovated study centre in the historic Old Town of Neuburg on the Danube has contributed to promoting intensive teamwork and individual performance. Step by step, an increasing number of master’s and university certificate courses as well as Corporate Programmes are being held in the new centre. The building, which was particularly redesigned for continued education purposes, offers ideal preconditions for the Institute for Exe­­c­­utive Education.

Above all, participants benefit from our university’s longstanding experience of qualifying working people and from its practical orientation. All courses offered by the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences are among the best in CHE rankings, and the University is ranked No. 1 with regard to practice orientation. This makes it the most successful university of applied sciences in Germany. In addition, all professors and lecturers have a practical background. With their experience and expertise, they help par­­ticipants extend their knowledge base. Small groups of participants and course or group-related tests or project work instead of written exams also add to the efficiency of the courses.


Previous participants and corporate clients, including, but not limited to, in­­ter­­national car manufacturers, attest to the excellent quality of both our courses and our seminars and time and again award us new contracts for further education programmes. The Institute for Execu­tive Education is your partner for L3 (life-long learning).

Doyé-4630_800The author, a professor for Human Ca­­p­­ital, has been the vice president of the Ingolstadt University of Applied Scienc­es since 2007. The lawyer and graduate in business administration studied at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Mu­­nich and gained experience in the field of human resources in leading positions at BMW, Daimler, EADS and Dresdner Bank.