Prof. Dr. Marion Schick: Our future – Knowledge as a resource

The whole is more than the sum of its parts.” It is this principle which, In ac­­cor­­dance with Aristotle, determines the activities of AG Wissen, the knowledge working group of the Munich Me­­tro­politan Region (MMR).

Without any doubt, the MMR is part of one of the most innovative knowledge-based areas in Europe and beyond. To be able to use this knowledge as a re­­source for actively shaping our future, we will continue to depend on a large num­­ber of “bright minds”, who can ex­­ploit and develop our local potential.


All universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutions and oth­­er players in the field of education and science of our metropolitan region have joined their forces in the AG Wissen work­­ing group and made it their goal to pro­­mote the key element of knowledge for the benefit of the whole metropolitan region.

We are firmly convinced that sustainable synergies can be created by strength­­en­­ing the links between all science and know­­ledge institutions even beyond the current level. In addition, this will help to raise the public profile of the potential existing in our metropolitan region.
To AG Wissen it is of vital importance to increase awareness among citizens of the opportunities that the factor of knowledge offers to each and every one of them. In fact, a vibrant culture of lifelong learning opens up a host of possibilities, both in the labour market and in social interaction.


A metropolitan region that unlocks its po­­tential of knowledge creates lee­­way for putt­­ing ideas into practice in joint pro­­jects rather than just dreaming of doing so.

Against this background, we have so far initiated the following projects:
We commissioned an impact analysis to demonstrate the economic and so­­cial effects of the activities of all knowledge and science institutions in the Munich Me­­tro­­politan Region. The per­­for­­mance of the knowledge re­­gion is be­­ing documented and can be measured against international bench­­marks.
An interactive information event called “Die Europäische Metropolregion Mün­chen informiert – EMMi” was established, where the knowledge institutions pre­­sent themselves to a broader public at annually varying venues. It gives all ci­t­­izens, and pupils in particular, a realistic idea of the huge variety of possibilities available. Awards are given to exemplary cooperation projects bet­­ween schools and scientific institutions.

A knowledge atlas informs on the educational levels existing in each of the MMR regions, which provides municipal­ities and companies with a basis for medium and long-term planning. An ad­­ditional study identifies future qualifica­­tion needs: By supplying information on trends and forecasts we aim to give companies an additional tool that fa­­cilitates (human resources) planning.


Furthermore, we would like to take learn­­ing offers to the centres of towns and municipalities to demonstrate the wide variety of available opportunities.
Because knowledge is fun! We would love to share this experience with you. Join us, become an ambassador of know­­ledge! Because together we are more than the sum of our parts.

Prof-Marion-Schick-0137The author, born in 1958, is the Senior Vice President Personnel and Legal De­­partment of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Previously she headed the Munich Uni­­ver­sity of Applied Sciences for eight years. A professor for HR Mana­gement, she is a member of the scientific and technical advisory board of the Bavarian government (WTB) and coordinates the activities of the knowledge working group “AG Wissen” of the Munich Metropolitan Region.