NUMERIK JENA GmbH: Ultimate precision is the business of NUMERIK JENA

The company NUMERIK JENA is one of numerous high-tech organizations in the Jena region. It was founded in 1998 as a spin-off of the Carl Zeiss Jena firm and has won itself a very good reputation as a manufacturer of position-feedback me­­­asuring systems on the world market. On the basis of the latest findings in micro-electronics and sensor tech­­nology, extremely small measuring systems for the ascertainment of lengths and angles with high accuracy and resolution have been developed, produced and distributed. Particular significance is achieved by the measuring systems connected to direct drives (linear drive, torque motors) for highly dynamic me­­a­s­urement and position-determination tasks in all areas of automation technology. As accuracy-determining de­­­vi­ces, the products of NUMERIK JENA are integrated into the machines and equipment of well-known producers. Typical areas of application are the production and measurement facilities of the semi-conductor industry, coordinate measuring machines, measuring microscopes, precision machine tools or equipment for medical technology. In short: NUMERIK JENA measuring systems are to be found anywhere in the industry where motion sequence has to be controlled with the highest precision, reliability and speed – and that worldwide. Even in such very sensitive equipment like a communication terminal of the “Deut­sches Zent­rum für Luft- und Raum­fahrt” (DLR – German Aerospace Center) for deployment in the stratosphere or in a 2.3 metre ZEISS reflector-telescope on Mount Helmos in Greece – the measuring systems of NUMERIK JENA work precisely and re­­liably. The innovative active principle of NUMERIK JENA products in conjunction with numerous patents safeguards the market position in the long-term. New and further developments of NUMERIK JENA measuring systems ideally satisfy the partly contrarian demands of users according to, for example, high resolution, high measuring speed, small fitting cross-section and high measuring accuracy. The organization can look back on a solid track record: from 1999 to 2007 the turnover has increased six-fold and the number of employees in the same time-period has risen from a factor four to over 100. All function-determining devices are produced on site on fully air-conditioned premises. The production of sensitive devices takes place in clean rooms.

Thanks to a global distribution network from America over Europe to Asia as well as from Scandinavia to Israel, the products of NUMERIK JENA with an ex­­port share of over 40 per cent have a worldwide presence in precision de­­vi­ces.

Dank eines globalen Vertriebsnetzes von Amerika über Europa bis Asien sowie von Skan­dinavien bis Israel sind NUMERIK JENA-Erzeugnisse mit einem Exportanteil von über 40 Prozent weltweit in Prä­zisionsgeräten präsent.


  1. Address

    Ilmstraße 4
    D-07743 Jena
    Telefon +49 (0) 3641 4728-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 3641 4728-20

  2. Year of foundation

  3. Employees

    over 100
  4. Business activity

    manufacture and distribution of measuring systems for position feedback­­,
    Linear measurement systems,
    Rotating measurement systems