Private Brauereien Bayern e. V.: Bavarian private breweries – A unique diversity

Beer is a cultural heritage steeped in tradition. Beers from private Bavarian breweries traditionally provide the setting for true indulgence. Brewed privately means:

Craft-made: Individual brewing processes provide a diverse range of beer and specialities made with raw materials from the region – traditional beer production with long maturing periods.

Rooted in the region: Private brewers remain true to the region. They create local jobs and are involved in festivals, associations and the regional culture. A regional presence promotes community spirit and confers an identity.

Transparency: The regional supply of raw materials and the German Purity Law as a basis create visible safety.

Environmental awareness: Short transport routes, local jobs, added value in the region and reusable bottles with ecological benefits.

Personal responsibility: Private brewers also bear a personal responsibility together with their families. But they also bring their own ideas to life.

These private breweries are organised into the association Private Brauereien Bayern e.V. We represent a worldwide unique diversity; over 90 per cent of the 623 Bavarian breweries are family-run private breweries. We encourage exchange, are sponsors of the major “BrauBeviale” trade fair and award the coveted “European Beer Star”.



  1. Address

    Thomas-Wimmer-Ring 9

    80539 München

    Tel +49 89 29095-60

    Fax +49 89 2201-79

  2. CEO

    Dr. Werner Gloßner
  3. President

    Gerhard Ilgenfritz