Prilution GmbH – Business Location North Rhine-Westphalia: Communication in a nutshell

Company success depends more than ever on simple but effective communication. These days, the general flood of information requires increasingly precise, cross-media communications techniques in order to get the desired message to the right addressee. The Prilution brand is synonymous for a network of interdisciplinary printing and publishing houses, which offers its clients a broad range of products and services for optimising corporate communications.

Communication between the network and its clients is as easy as having a single printing partner just around the corner, but there is a broad range of specialised providers available as well. As a solutions provider, Prilution assists its clients in in-house and external communication, from planning and design through production up to downloading individual articles from internet portals. With its business seg­­ments ad­­vertising printing and articles, calendars, forms, direct mar­­keting and e-busi­­ness, the network offers a comprehensive range of stand­­ard products. Prilution also simplifies the often highly complex and error-prone processing of printing orders using innovative Web2Print solutions, which its in-house IT specialists incorporate into the client’s organisational processes.


  1. Address

    Gutenbergstraße 1
    47443 Moers
    Tel +49 2841 8091-02
    Fax +49 2841 8091-07

  2. Management

    Dr. Christian Scholz

  3. Employees


  4. Business activity

    IT services, mail-outs, publishing products, logistics/fulfilment, advertising materials, job-printing, trade, forms, calendars