Premium-Drive GmbH: The discreet and reliable chauffeur and limousine service

PARIS-HIGH-RES-02531-kopierenPremium-Drive GmbH is one of the lead­­ing providers of discreet and reliable chauffeur and limousine services in Ger­­many. Our services range from airport transfers to exclusive events with 80 vehicles. Feel free to ask us about any significant references of our long-stand­ing contractual partners.

One of our main tasks involves looking after (foreign) business partners in a discreet manner. The chauffeur often takes on the role of a personal assist­ant here. That is why our employees are aware of all kinds of tasks and inquiries. In their role, the chauffeurs always act as a business card for the client.

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Our individual branch offices are coordinated from our headquarters in Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia. Just one telephone number for all kinds of ride requests in Germany – we aim to keep booking expenses for our clients to a minimum. Whether it be in Dusseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich or Hamburg, the vehicles and chauffeurs carry a uniform and recognisable appearance, allowing feelings of trust to quickly accumulate among the passengers. Consequently, confidential contact data of your company and clients is safely processed by only one service provider instead of being distributed across the whole of Germany.

  1. Address

    53115 Bonn
    Tel +49 800 3552-277

  2. Management

    Mark Schüler

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Business activity

    Chauffeur and limousine service