PFW Aerospace AG: complete systems tailored to individual needs

PFW Aerospace AG supplies the international aerospace industry with pipe systems, structural parts, components and freight loading systems. Its expertise is not only based on project planning/system analysis, development/con­­struction, production, supply chain man­­­­agement and maintenance of its core products, but also on well-founded spe­­cialist knowledge in metallurgy, especially with regard to titanium.


PFW Aerospace manufactures complete pipe systems for fuels, hydraulic liquids, air, oxy­­gen, water and waste water, in­­cluding heatable piping which keeps the water supply and waste water disposal running smoothly in aeroplane galleys and toilets. Freight loading systems are pro­­duced for passenger and freight air­­craft and operated either manually or with the help of drive units and a control system. Expertise in structures extends from load-bearing fuselage modules such as floor assemblies and pressure bulkheads to seat rails and even complex modules such as fuel tanks and flaps. With its subsidiary GCT, an aviation de­­vel­­­­opment company in accordance with EASA 21J, PFW is able to offer “design and build” commissions and engineering services from one source and thus acts as a system supplier.

  1. Adress

    Am Neuen Rheinhafen 10
    D-67346 Speyer
    fon +49 (0) 6232 616-0
    fax +49 (0) 6232 616-4204
  2. Executive board

    Jordi Boto

    Thorsten Fischer

    Peter Marr

  3. Year of establishment

  4. Employees

    mehr als 1.808 weltweit (2012)
  5. Turnover

    282 Millionen Euro (2012)
  6. Business activity

    Manufacture of pipe systems, structural parts, components and freight loading systems; services for the internatio­­nal aerospace industry; expertise in project planning, development, production and supply chain management, as well as well-founded specialist knowledge of metallurgy