Packwerk Logistik GmbH: Simply “gripping”: individual services from a single source

Formed from a branch of Buchwerk GmbH, Packwerk Logistik GmbH has become a multi-func­­tional service partner for publishing com­­panies, commerce and industry. This owner-operated company is characterised by its family atmosphere, flat hierarchies and a high level of flexibility. After its formation in 2009, its range of services used to consist solely of manual work with books, pallet shipping and storing surplus quantities of goods. How­­ever, today its services cover such things as full warehousing with receiving and shipping goods, order-picking and mail order sales on behalf of customers. It ships palletised goods and piece goods via land, sea and air all over the world. Contacts going back many years ensure a well-established network with competent partners. Another of the company’s services is personalised mail-outs and books.

Over 7,500 square metres of storage space, more than 4,000 high-rack storage places and innovative processes sup­­ported by the latest technology guarantee optimal flexibility and customer-specific solutions. Our own IT department also allows us to support our customers through interface connection of digital data transfer and processing printed data in order to implement projects more effectively.



  1. Address

    Kleyerstraße 8
    D-64295 Darmstadt
    phone +49 (0) 6151 857-100
    fax +49 (0) 6151 857-190
  2. Year Of Establishment

  3. Business Activity

    small-scale trading companies

    book finishing and deliveries
    for publishing companies