Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg: Research and academic quality with tradition

The University of Bamberg has a clearly structured profile rooted in the fields of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Economics and Business Administration, as well as in the Human Sciences and Education. Applied Computer Sciences complete its broad academic spectrum. One of Germany’s best university libraries contributes to the excel­­­lent research and study conditions, as do the certified family-friendly working structures.

Today, the university, established in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Bamberg in 1647, is more internationally con­­nected than ever. Its research plays a major role in solving practical problems in the fields of education, politics and business.

The university places a significant focus on educational research and teaching in education. Innovative master’s degree programmes and the Bam­­berg Graduate School of Social Sciences – part of the German Universities’ Excellence Initiative – promote empirically-founded and theoretically pio­­­­neering research on humans in competitive knowledge societies. The National Educational Panel Study examines educational pathways and environments in Germany over the span of an entire human life.


  1. Address

    Kapuzinerstraße 16
    96045 Bamberg
    Tel +49 951 863-0
    Fax +49 951 863-1005
  2. President

    Prof. Dr. theol. Dr. phil. habil. Godehard Ruppert
  3. Year of establishment

  4. Employees

    around 1,350

    around 13,000