Optimodal Nederland B.V.: Europe’s number 1 in intermodal transport

Optimodal-QE-auf-Strecke-kopierenVersatility, flexibility and reliability. These are the characteristics of the railway op­­erator Optimodal Nederland B.V. based in Rot­­ter­­dam and its branch in Neuss. From these two sites, employees es­­tablish valuable links between the western ports and the Euro­­­pean in- and hinterland. Not always, but very often also via the Neuss hub. At the ter­­minal partner, Neuss Trimodal, the rail connections come together. The rail connections are not only the first choice of the planners because of the stockholder struc­­ture of Optimodal. But also due to the fact that the Rotterdam as a deep sea port is consistently further developing into the first and last port of call in this region. In light of the de­­man­­d­­ed multimodal services, the rail connec­­tion has improved significantly and is becoming more and more important.


But also ships, particularly those that use the main transport route along the Rhine River, can benefit from outstanding oppor­­tu­­nities as an optimodal partner. The excellent motorway connections are a further advantage.

These options are provided by the team of 28 members who are experienced, flexible and who seek the advantage of this excellent network. In doing so, they exploit the options provided by an optimodal infrastruc­­ture on a daily basis. It is not the rush pro­­vided by TEUs, but the reliability and satisfaction of the clients which they have set as their goal.


  1. Address

    Oudelandseweg 33
    NL-3194 AR Rotterdam-Hoogvliet

    Sales Director
    Tel +31 10 4943-920
    Fax: +31 10 4950-510

    Büro Neuss
    Hammer Landstraße 91
    41460 Neuss
    Tel +49 2131 7189 95-0
    Fax +49 2131 7189 95-219

  2. Management

    Karsten Scheidhauer

  3. Partner

    Kombiverkehr Intermodal Services AG, Basel
    DB Schenker Rail Nederland B.V.

  4. Business activity

    Intermodal operator