OM Schweiz: Education, relief, hope

OM Switzerland is a branch of the international Christian relief organization OM. We motivate and support churches to spread God’s love to all people of the world. We are committed to people receiving an education, experiencing relief and finding hope regardless of their origin, race or gen­­der. Through our global programmes, our staff is gaining cross-cultural know-how.
We have a broad network and cooperate with local partners, churches and relief organizations. One of our main focal points consists in working with the Untouchables (Dalits) in India. Since 2001, 100 schools have been founded – a good standardized education offers promising, dignified prospects to the children. In addition, the parents benefit from microcredits, educational possibi­li­­ties, legal advice and medical prevention.



  1. Address

    Hertistrasse 31
    CH-8304 Wallisellen
    Telefon +41 (0) 44 832-8383

  2. Year of foundation

  3. Employees

    SchweizerInnen im Ausland/Swiss abroad

    Mitarbeitende in der Schweiz/Switzerland staff

  4. Turnover

    4,7 millionen CHF

  5. Managing Director

    Markus Flückiger

  6. Business activity

    Cross-cultural exchange programmes
    Development cooperation with India,
    the Philippines, Zimbabwe, Moldova, and others, HIV/AIDS prevention