ODAV AG: Corporation for information technology and telecommunications

ODAV AG, as a strategic technology partner, primarily supports craft organisations and their member enterprises with state-of-the-art software applications and IT services.

Many of these customers optimise their existing business processes in the areas of specialised processes (e.g. admin­istration, finances, education), e-govern­­ment (web applications) as well as tar­­­geted use of IT mobility (e.g. service apps, business apps) with specific solution concepts offered by ODAV.

ODAV AG’s product portfolio fundamen­tally focusses on solution standards with maximum integration capability and a comprehensive set of requirement-specific software functions.

ODAV supports its customers in all important business processes from the development of tailored software to cloud services in the data processing centre to print logistics and shipment services.

The service and support teams from ODAV provide competent, cooperative and readily available assistance as project supporters to IT users during introduction, programme changeover and advanced transformation processes.



  1. Address

    Ernst-Heinkel-Straße 11
    94315 Straubing
    Tel +49 9421 705-0
    Fax +49 9421 72317

  2. CEO

    Dipl.-Kfm. ­Karl Zollner

  3. Year of establishment

  4. Employees

    around 100

  5. Business activity

    Software development

    Application and organisational consulting, IT project management

    Cloud services, Basic and
    advanced IT training