Nüthen Restaurierungen GmbH + Co. KG: Maintaining and fostering historical values

Nüthen Restaurierungen is a specialised monument restoration company. We regard the protection of valuable cultural assets as a dual task, which we carry out with both classical and innovative processes. Our employees include experienced graduate restorers, restorers, art historians, graduate engineers and skilled manual workers from various areas of monument preservation.

Our range of services covers static securing of buildings, repairing façades, repairing concrete, conservation and restoration of stone, plaster and stucco, portraits, wall paintings on buildings, sculptures, wood and metal, stucco marble and terrazzo. Our range of services also includes gilding and stone carving, restoration of interior areas and furnishings, laser cleaning and winter enclosures.

Our current reference customers include the Holy Cross Church in Munich-Giesing. The work carried out here included restoration of the flooring, renovation of plaster additions and restoration of the stone and wooden decorations in the interior of the church. The work on the natural stonework includes the restoration of the tracery windows and the side altars, including the manufacturing and installing  of new natural stone steps.   


  1. Adress

    Niederlassung Erfurt
    Anton-Lucius-Straße 14
    99085 Erfurt
    Tel +49 361 65471-0
    Fax +49 361 65471-29

    Niederlassung Bad Lippspringe
    Am Vorderflöß 47
    33175 Bad Lippspringe
    Tel +49 5252 97779-0
    Fax +49 5252 97779-9

    Niederlassung Berlin   
    Marchlewski Straße 57
    10243 Berlin
    Tel +49 30 6956932-5
    Fax +49 30 6956932-7

    Niederlassung Hamburg
    Stresemann Straße 63
    22761 Hamburg
    Tel +49 40 357147-85
    Fax +49 40 357147-45

  2. Management

    Ulrich Nüthen

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Examples for projects in 2016

    Berlin, Staatsoper

    Kassel, Wilhelmshöhe (Ballhaus, Herkules Bauwerk)

    Kelheim, Befreiungshalle

    München, Englischer Garten (Monopteros)