NOTZ group: Know-how in stainless steel and NF-Metals

The NOTZ group is a consortium of the metal-working industry. The focus of Notz Metall AG lies on the pro­cess­­ing of qual­­ity and stain­­less steels, non-fer­rous metals, special ma­­terials and their semi-finished products. The sub­­sidiaries Jacques Allemann SA and Studer SA are spe­­cial­ized in drawing and rolling ul­­trafine wire.
VOCO France Sàrl has specialized in manufactur­­ing copper- and zinc-plat­­ed wire for the production of wire mesh.

The in-house material lab offers fast and cost-effective assistance with the analy­­ses of metals. The leading po­­si­­tion on the markets is further strength­­ened by systematically utilizing synergies.



  1. Address

    Bernstrasse 24
    CH-2555 Brügg
    Telefon +41 (0) 32 366-7555
    Telefax +41 (0) 32 366-7620

  2. Executive Board

    Nico Issenmann
    CEO & VRP NOTZ group

    Salomon E. Schärer
    CFO NOTZ group

    Gottfried Stettler
    COO Notz Metall AG

    Roberto Cassina
    CEO J. Allemann SA, Studer SA

    Jean-Marc Vogler
    CEO VOCO France Sàrl

    Christine Schläfli
    Leiterin Human Ressource, NOTZ group

  3. Employees

  4. Turnover

    100 million CHF
  5. Business activity

    Trade in stainless steels
    (coil, sheet, pipe, strip, rod, wire),
    working service centre, drawing and
    rolling wires, material laboratory