NIDEC GPM GmbH: Individual, integrated and innovative – Intelligent pump systems

For many years, NIDEC GPM GmbH has been a worldwide top-class supplier for the automotive industry with their comprehensive range of innovative pump concepts for automobiles, lorries and industrial applications. NIDEC GPM GmbH focuses on the development, manufacturing and sales of conventional, variable and switchable water and oil pumps as well as modules with integrated water and oil pumps. The highest standards of quality are assured, efficiency levels are optimised, costs are reduced and resources and emissions are cut using outstanding equipment, from development to testing all the way to series production. The broad range of products is based not only on many years of practical experience but also on expertise in modular functional approaches for engine cooling. 

The NIDEC Group’s global network of expertise enables the development of novel electric coolant and oil pump concepts – electric main water pumps, gear pumps and vacuum pumps – for use in automobiles in a voltage range between 12 and 48 volts. This allows the perform­ance and mobility to be constantly improved while also reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


  1. Address

    Schwarzbacher Straße 28
    98673 Auengrund OT Merbelsrod
    Tel +49 36878 64-0

  2. Management

    Yujin Okochi


    Ales Starek

    Michael Grellmann

  3. Year of establishment

    Transfer to NIDEC: 2015

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  5. Branch

    Automotive supplier industry