Neuss Trimodal GmbH: Trimodality in perfection

Neuss-Trimodal-VSD0036The Neuss Trimodal terminal is characterised by a revised shareholder structure com­­bined with an impressive expansion of the infrastructure.

From Monday 5 am until Saturday 12 pm, 2 gantry cranes are available for trans­ship­­­­ments along the 550-metre-long quay. They not only serve barges, but also 4 rail tracks each with a length of 630 metres. Altogether these tracks, with a total length of 5,300 metres, allow that block trains can be loaded and unloaded quickly and efficiently. In ad­­dition to the crane systems, there are 6 reach stackers with a loading capacity of 42 tonnes in action.


A total area of more than 88,000 square metres offers space to at least 6,030 TEUs of which 140 can be utilised for the specific storage of hazardous cargo which enters and leaves the location via separate gates. Special attention is given to the security of the ISPS certified facility with a separately created security area. This technology enables a faste­r and more efficient processing.

The excellent connection has also led Opti­­modal to shift more and more of its intermodal traffic to Neuss. The medi­um­-term goal is to develop additional con­­nec­­tions through its services in Neuss. Already 8 barge routes as well as 33 rail shuttles are being operated through this location every week.


  1. Address

    Hammer Landstraße 91
    41460 Neuss
    Tel +49 2131 71891-0
    Fax +49 2131 71891-210

    Tilsiter Straße 15
    41460 Neuss

  2. Management

    Ulrich Altmann
    Karsten Scheidhauer

  3. Partner

    Kombiverkehr GmbH & Co. KG (a German company for combined transport)
    Neuss-Düsseldorfer Häfen GmbH & Co. KG
    Ambrogio GmbH

  4. Business activity

    Transshipment and storage of loading units in combined transport
    Container depot
    Container repairs