Neumann Leadership Deutschland GmbH: International HR consultancy with industry and country specific expertise

NEUMANN is an internationally active HR consulting company with a comprehensive presence in the German-speaking region (ten offices in the D/A/CH/ region – Germany (D), Austria (A), Switzerland (CH)). The com­­pany is the market leader in East­­ern Europe with an additional ten offices and also has a strong competence in Asia: the Competence Center Asia Pacific is very successful in the search for executives with experience in Asia for German/European clients. Teams in Cologne and Vienna spe­­cialising in Asia work closely with our office in Hong Kong.

NEUMANN is a traditional Executive Search company: we search for executives for our clients on the basis of exclusive commis­sioning and detailed job profiles. Our con­sultants possess many years of professional and industry experience and are organ­­ised in cross-border, industry-specific Com­­petence Centers. Thus we are able to offer our clients the right industry and country-­specific competence for every project.

We advise companies in the structuring and composition of supervisory boards/advisory boards and also assist in the search for new members as part of our “Board Services”.

We use the Neumann Management Colloquium to assist our clients in identifying potentials and deficits in employees/man­­agers and thereby support them in impor­t­ant human resources decisions.



  1. Address

    Herzog-Heinrich-Straße 13
    80336 München
    Tel +49 89 922 994-0
    Fax +49 89 922 994-78

  2. Management

    Dr. Norbert Frömmer, Rudolf Müller

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Offices in Germany

    Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg,
    Heidelberg, Munich, Stuttgart

  5. 22 offices worldwide

    Belgrade, Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Bucharest, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Hong Kong, Kiev, Moscow, Munich, Prague, Salzburg, Sofia, Strasbourg, Stuttgart, Vienna, Warsaw, Zagreb, Zurich

  6. Business activity

    Executive Search, Board Services (Board Audit, Board Search), Neumann Management Colloquium (Professional Audit, Personality Appraisal)