NanoNetzwerkHessen: oncentrating competencies, promoting innovations

The NanoNetzwerkHessen (NNH) was established by five universities and five universities of applied sciences of Hessen to start a highly oriented inter­­working in the field of nanotechnology. The aim of NNH is the consolidation of Hessen as a location for nanotechnology by concen­trating the existing competen­cies and coop­­eration of nanotechnology at Hessens universities.

Researcher of physics, chemistry, biology, pharmacy, medical science, material sci­­ence and other engineering technologies are working on the field of nanotechnology at the universities in Hessen. Even re­­search­­ers from the humanities are dealing with the challenge of this science. Especially the penetration of classical disciplines en­­forces this science’s innovation potential. Furthermore, it presents excellent condi­­tions for extensive cooperation in Hessen. The technologies at the universities in Hessen cover a wide range of activities. They start from nanostructured materials, nanosys­­tem technologies, nanomedical sci­­ence, nanobiotechnology and nanoanalytics.

The NNH offers its partners an infrastruc­­ture to start develop­ment with researchers, engineers and users in the field of nano­technology. The network connects science and economics in such a strong way that a faster realization of nanotech­nical knowl­edge concerning products, pro­­duction proc­­esses and services can be easily achieved.


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    scientific networking
    in the field of nanotechnology