MSC Schwarzer Albus GmbH WPG StBG RAG: One-stop proficiency in auditing, tax and legal consulting

MSC Schwarzer Albus is one of the few auditing companies with a registered of­­fice in the new federal states. The company forms part of a group of only four private limited companies operat­ing throughout Germany which can offer their clients a comprehensive advi­­sory service in financial accounting, tax and legal matters. Man­fred Schwarzer and Uwe Albus are the only Thuringians with triplicate accreditations to their names.
The core business of MSC is the audit­ing and advising of companies with pub­­lic or foreign associates. In eleven federal states as well as 17 foreign coun­­tries, clients have confidence in the advice of MSC.
The 13-man strong team – consisting of auditors, tax consultants, lawyers, tax experts, certified management account­ants and qualified tax assistants – all observe the imposed standards of qual­ity through constant further training. The team is accustomed to respond swiftly to constantly changing legal conditions and also to acquaint themselves with foreign legal dispositions MSC Schwarzer Albus is rooted in Thuringia and is dedicated amongst others things as a sponsor for the Thuringia Innovation Prize, the Thu­ringia Philharmonie Gotha-Stuhl, the SWE Volley Team and the Renn­steig­lauf­verein.


  1. Address

    Trommsdorffstraße 5a
    D-99084 Erfurt
    Telefon +49 (0) 361 60025-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 361 60025-55

  2. Year of foundation

    2002 in Erfurt
  3. Employees

  4. Business activity

    • Jahres- und Konzernabschlussprüfungen nach HGB, IFRS und US-GAAP
    • Verwendungsnachweisprüfungen
    • Fördermittelprüfungen, insbesondere für Fördermittel der EU

    • Erstellung von Steuererklärungen
    • Steuerliche Gestaltungsberatung
    • Steuerliche Vertragsgestaltung
    • Erstellung von Verrechnungspreisdokumentationen
    • Vertretung vor den Finanzbehörden, insbesondere für ausländische Unternehmen
    • Begleitung von Betriebsprüfungen

    • Führung und Begleitung von Vertragsverhandlungen
    • Vertragsgestaltung
    • Beratung in gesellschaftsrechtlichen Angelegenheiten
    • Wahrnehmung von Gesellschafterrechten