Moritz Luft: Holiday destination Sylt – Sea. Passion. Life.

For many people, Stylt represents myth, cult and legend. Numerous tales surround Germany’s beloved holiday is­­land, and the fact that there is always more to discover greatly adds to its fas­­cination. Since time immemorial, Sylt has been a meeting place for those who con­­front themselves and others with cu­­riosity and open-mindedness. The is­­land offers variety ra­­ther than arbitrar­­iness and individuality rather than anonymity. Nearly 50 per cent of Stylt are a protected na­­ture area. Endless sandy beaches and sharp-edged cliffs create a di­­verse in­­terplay between the elements. Nature is and always was the is­­land’s strongest aspect.
The newest trends in tour­­ism therefore provide opportunities to reinforce these natural highlights fur­­­ther yet and to at­­tract a wider target group. The Sylt Marketing Gesell­schaft (SMG) has been focusing upon the re­­direction and reinforcement of the Sylt trade­­mark since 2003, with Sylt representing the epitome of lived na­­ture, pas­­sionate enjoyment and carefree life.



Sylt is and remains the tourist flagship of the federal state Schleswig-Hol­­stein. In 2008, Germany’s northern-most hol­­iday island recorded a 2.7 per cent in­­crease in visitors. In comparison with 2007, the number of overnight stays rose by 1.7 per cent to over 6.6 million. As a countermove, the average duration of stays slightly decreased from 8.2 to 8.1 days – evidence of the constant trend towards shorter and repeated holidays in Germany. Sylt particularly reached peak values for its number of overnight stays during the summer months. With around 120,000 visitors, July tops year­­ly sta­­­tistics, closely followed by August (117,705 visitors) and May (99,908 visitors). But even during the winter months, more visitors came to Sylt in 2008 than in the year before – a sign that the North Sea island is also becoming attractive in months outside of the high season.
Sylt has become increasingly significant over the past few years as a tourist trademark. The island’s silhouette and uniform lettering have become unmistakable characteristics portrayed on all means of communications. The umbrella trademark, Sylt, was reborn as well as strategically and communicatively reoriented in 2003. The slogan “Sea. Passion. Life.” reflects the characteristics that Sylt particularly stands for: closeness to nature, health, wellbeing and enjoyment.

Owing to this new reorientation, Sylt already recorded an increase in visitors of ten per cent in November 2003. Over the following years, communication was con­­stantly being bit by bit developed.
In co-operation with the trademark com­­munication agency in Neuwied, Thiel­ker+Team, the SMG developed a new communication concept in 2009, which should particularly appeal to LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sus­tain­­ability), enthusiasts of health and environmentally conscious life.


From oyster farm and shifting dunes – the island of superlatives
Sylt’s broad tourism range convinces through its diversity. At List harbour, modern ambience combines with maritime flair. ­
Germany’s only oyster farm and shift­­ing dunes attract the eye right here in the northern-most part of the is­­land. Kampen – indeed, Germany’s most distinguished location – is ex­­clusive, elegant and also extremely charm­­ing. Blossoming moors and far-reaching mud-flats in the east, rough North Sea surf and fine sandy beach­­es in the west; the location easily unites tradition with the modern world and creates space for music and literature. A true delight for the eye is also the famous “Whis­key Mile”, lined with its many clubs, bars and restaurants. Germany’s north­­ern-most golf course caters for sporting variety. Its one of four golf courses on the island. For families, in particular, the joint community Wenningstedt-Braderup boasts top opportunities.



Whether as small discoverer in the mud-flats or as clown in the island circus – here, particularly young guests receive their full money’s worth. The Frisian vil­­lages of Tin­num, Keitum, Munkmarsch, Arch­sum und Morsum form the green heart of the island. Surrounded by juicy meadows and mud-flats, the old­ Fri­sian houses, with their thatch­­ed roofs, stand for tradition and lived customs. The heart of the island beats in the Westerland, Sylt’s largest town. Visitors can experience glittering con­­­­certs there, comfortably stroll alongside the many boutiques and stores or withstand the sea’s surf on a surf board.


A unique quality here is also gastronomic variety: matjes or oysters, haute cuisine and beach bistro. For fans of wellness, ayurvedic oil massage and Qi Gong courses in Westerland offer that long-desired change from the stresses of everyday life. Due to its central location, Westerland is also best-suited for Nordic Walking and island tours.
A mere stone’s throw away, in the Ran­­tum Dunes, holidaymakers can en­­joy the treasures of outstanding cuisine and wine cellars in a relaxed at­­mos­­phere. Many of Germany’s most talented chefs pamper the pallets of il­­lustrious guests at Sylt, which not lastly can be recognized by its high concentration of stars. Finally, far south, the community of Hörnum lures through its fantastic beaches and strong-scent­­ed hedge roses. As central service pro­­vider and community project of the various towns on the island, Sylt Mar­­keting GmbH promotes all of these treas­­ures and attractions. The host di­­rec­­to­­ry, the well-loved website with its over three million visitors and further online appearances are all main­­tained by the SMG. In addition to this, the company presents the destination of Sylt at tourist exhibitions and co-operates with tourist service providers such as transport companies and other marketing organizations.


Sylt, the “Frisian island of passion”, is the most powerful tourist destination trademark of Schleswig-Holstein; an island, which thanks to its singular range of services and the consequent re-orientation in the di­­rection of people’s needs, looks confidently and free of fear into the fu­­ture. To­­day more than ever.

Moritz-Luft-300dpi-KopieBorn in Kiel in 1975, the author studied tourism in Wilhelmshaven, following an education in hotel management at the Hamburger Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten. After this, he worked in the position of busi­­ness manager of tourism organizations in Brake and in Papenburg. Since 2006, Moritz Luft has been responsible for the Sylt Marketing GmbH.