Mobimo Holding AG: Focused on high-value objects

Mobimo Holding AG has been listed at the Swiss Exchange (SIX) since 2005. The Mobimo group has a widely diversified portfolio. Some 70% are invested in fixed assets generating a stable re­­turn while 30% are projects under development with a view to achieve a capital gain. Mobimo is focused on developing and creating investment objects for its own portfolio and is a leader in generating valuable real estate units in the Zurich area. Investments are made primarily in the economic areas of Zurich, Lucerne/Zug, Basel, St. Gallen, and Lausanne/Geneva. Currently, some 250 million Swiss Francs are be­­­ing invested in Mobimo Tower, a project under development in Western Zurich, which will include a 5-star hotel and 53 luxury flats. The Mobimo share with its about 5% taxfree yield is an investment jewel.




  1. Address

    Mobimo Holding AG
    Rütligasse 1
    CH-6000 Luzern 7

    Mobimo Management AG
    Seestrasse 59
    CH-8700 Küsnacht
    Telefon +41 (0) 44 397-1111
    Telefax +41 (0) 44 397-1112

  2. Year of foundation

    1999 in Luzern
  3. Employees

  4. Real estate portfolio as of 31 Dec. 2009

    1,878 million Swiss Francs
  5. Managing Directors

    Dr. Christoph Caviezel

    Manuel Itten

    Peter Grossenbacher
    Leiter Portfolio Management/
    Head of Portfolio Management

    Andreas Hämmerli
    Leiter Entwicklung/
    Head of Development/

  6. Business activity

    Real estate joint-stock company,
    real estate development,
    portfolio management and administration