microm Micromarketing-Systeme und Consult GmbH – Business Location North Rhine-Westphalia: Data is the key


This is the motto of microm Micromarket­­ing-Systeme und Consult GmbH, who has been developing data with spatial reference since 1993. As one of the top providers in geomarketing, our spectrum of ser­­vices includes conducting target group and site analyses for a vast number of busi­­nesses and institutions.

Increasing levels of proficiency are de­­mand­­ed especially from public entities such as churches, agencies and educational insti­­tutions, despite the fact that financial con­­straints are increasing. Microgeographic data and analyses can help overcome com­­plex challenges and tasks expediently.


Well-known fields of application of micro­­geographic data are: planning of election campaigns, economic promotion, politics, municipal planning as well as social and educational coverage, planning of measures in the educational sector, social space and social structure analysis e.g. for de­­scribing neighbourhood and context effects, urban development, housing market analysis and pastoral planning.

In order to master the abundance of political, economic and legal requirements, you need a competent partner by your side, who is familiar with the sector, under­­stands its demands and who can provide individual and practice-orientated solutions. microm is the partner you are looking for!


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    Hellersbergstraße 11
    41460 Neuss
    Tel +49 2131 109-701
    Fax +49 2131 109-777

  2. Management

    Rolf Küppers

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  4. Business activity

    Market data
    Site analysis
    Target group analysis