Mestemacher-Gruppe: Westphalian revolution – Pumpernickel and the emancipation of men

Pumpernickelkonfekt-kopierenIt has been Mestemacher’s credo since its founding in 1871, to promote people’s well-being and garnish their lives with indulgence. The family-run company supplies the German and international food retail market with more than 50 different kinds of multi-benefit bread specialities. Consumers appreciate the hygienic packaging, months-long shelf life (unopened), high fibre content and the use of freshly ground rye from its own mills. Smaller packaging sizes and a range of new health-oriented products, as well as the tried and tested Westphalian classics, round out the multi-use product portfolio.

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Consumers, who not only value sustain­ability and quality, but also care about equal rights and social commitment, need look no further than Meste­macher. The company’s owners have been active sup­­porters of projects promoting the equal­­ity of women and men and finding a bal­­ance between work and family. Since 2001, these social pro­­jects have been gen­­erating increasing attention in the media through initiatives such as the Mestemacher “KITA Prize”, “Female Manager of the Year” and, since 2006, “Father of the Year” and the Mestemacher Future Forum. In order to achieve these goals, Meste­­mach­­er, among other things, decided to honour fathers for their outstanding work in childcare and household management.


  1. Address

    Am Anger 29
    33332 Gütersloh
    Tel +49 5241 8709-0
    Fax +49 5241 8709-45

  2. Owner family

    Albert Detmers und Prof. Dr. Ulrike Detmers,
    Fritz Detmers und Helma Detmers

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Products

    Wholegrain breads, pumpernickel, ­international bread specialities, fresh cakes, frozen pastries, muesli and cereals

  5. Sites

    Production sites in Gütersloh, Lippstadt, Aerzen, Bielefeld and Poznan (Poland)

  6. Turnover

    145 million euros (2014)

  7. Employees

    572 (2014)