mechOnics ag: Competence in Micropositioning

The mechOnics ag was founded in 2003 and specialises in the development, pro­­duction and sales of systems for micropo­sitioning and nanopositioning tasks.

A new, patented piezo inertial drive, which operates in accordance with the “slip-stick” principle, is used as a drive element. The advantage of this motor is that it allows for the highest resolution in the nm area as well as movement ranges of up to 60 mm. Another advantage is that once the final position has been reached, it is kept in the full-step mode without current. Therefore, no additional control is required. Step widths of 10 nm are possible with the open-loop controls. Repeat accuracy of up to 1 nm can be reached in closed-loop applications. Out­­door usage without an external power supply is possible with a battery-operated control.

The mechOnics ag offers uniaxial positioners with an adjustment travel of up to 60 mm and very compact 3D positioners with an adjustment travel of up to 10 mm. Additionally, biaxial mirror adjustments and positioners for low-­temperature applications of up to 4 kelvin are available. All of mechOnics ag’s products are also available for use in an ultra-high vacuum (up to 10-10 mbar).



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    Hubert Münzer

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    Micro/nano technology, semiconductor technology, laser technology, vacuum technology, research and development, teaching