Max Rischart’s Backhaus KG: Max Richart‘s Backhaus – a traditional firm in Munich, still up and running today

The company Richart is an economically independent family business. Max Rischart opened the bakery in 1983 in Isarvorstadt in Munich. Ever since, five generations have focused their efforts on the expansion and prosperity of the Rischart company. Today, Rischart is one of the leading companies in its industry. The organisation comprises 14 branches, five of which include cafés in prime locations around Munich. The main bakery situated in Marienplatz welcomes 1.2 million customers per year and is thus the most visited store of a bakery chain in Germany. The bakery is situated in the heart of Mu­­nich and has received numerous architec­tural awards. Rischart is also amongst the hosts at Oktoberfest with its “Kaiser­schmarrn” café. Prizewinning specialities by Rischart are also sold across Germany via the Rischart online store. Therefore, Rischart’s superb unique quality is not only limited to the streets of Munich, but instead recognised all over Germany. In 2009, the company obtained the state honour prize awarded by the German Bakers’ Trade. In 2012, Rischart was awarded the Bavarian “Qualitätspreis” (Quality Prize) for its philosophy of quality.

Under the name “RischArt”, the company organises and sponsors projects which pro­­mote art in the public space. For this reason, Rischart obtained the German “Kulturför­derpreis” (Culture Promotion Prize) in 2013.




  1. Address

    Marienplatz 18
    80331 München
    Tel +49 89 231 700-0
    Fax +49 89 231 700-509
  2. Management

    Magnus Müller-Rischart
  3. Year of establishment

  4. Business activity

    Bakery, patisserie, gastronomy