Maurer Söhne: Forces in motion

Maurer Söhne is a leading manufacturer of structural protection systems. Headquartered in Munich, the family-run com­­pany is one of the world’s leading manu­facturers of moving construction pro­d­­­ucts, developing and producing solutions that centre around the compensation of forces and movements in building structures, such as those caused by weather conditions or changing loads. In addition to expansion joints, structural bearings, seismic devices and vibration absorbers, the company designs and manufactures professional roller coasters and Ferris Wheels. The portfolio is completed by specific consulting, the training of contracted staff in the installation of the products and continuous monitoring. Our customers include not only working groups for construction projects and building authorities, but also amusement parks from all over of the world. Continuous product research ensures that new prod­­ucts are adapted to current requirements. As a result, Maurer Söhne developed a solution for expansion joints with the lowest noise possible as well as permanent bridge bearings that last for the whole life span of the based building. Among other things, the Amuse­­ment Rides division has designed processes for the roller coasters offered that save energy by recovering braking energy and applying a calculation method for complex track dynamics.




  1. Address

    Frankfurter Ring 193
    80807 München
    Tel +49 89 323 94-0
    Fax +49 89 323 94-306

  2. Management

    Dr. Krasmann (Chairmanship)
    & Dr. Christi­an Braun

  3. Year of establishment

  4. Business activity

    Mechanical engineering, special steel construction, roller coasters, structural protection systems, amusement rides, Ferris wheels
  5. Employees

    1,000 worldwide

  6. International sites

    Bhopal, India; Torbali, Turkey; and Jiangsu, China

  7. Branch offices

    A global network of 23 subsidiaries

  8. Turnover

      150 million euros (2012)