Maple Bank GmbH: Make the most of your money

Maple Bank GmbH has operated successfully from the financial centre of Frankfurt since 1994. We have established ourselves as experts in our core business areas of equity and fixed in­­come trading, repos and securities lending, deposits, structured products and institutional sales. Discretion, reliability, customer focus and an efficient and reliable settlement process form the values of the bank and are the key factors to our success.
Our trading desks in Frankfurt, Lon­don, Jersey City and Toronto make us one of the largest international market partici­pants in the area of securities finance. Our clients include a multitude of the lar­­­gest credit institutions, investment banks, brokers/dealers and fund companies.
Our main advantage over many of our competitors is the extraordinarily close collaboration between the Treasury and Securities Finance departments. The wide variety of secured and unsecured products that can be selected or structured enables us to get the best possi­ble financing for our proprietary trad­­ing as well as client business. This orga­­nisational structure also serves as the basis for the customised solutions we provide to our clients. The intelligent and professional structuring of the available colla­teral, for example by lending of port­­folios, ge­ner­ates additional re­­turns for our clients or significantly re­­duces their refinancing costs.
Proprietary Trading. We have enjoyed great success in trading securities and derivatives in the bond and equity markets since the commencement of our activities in Frankfurt, and we have ex­­tensive expertise in this area. We con­­­tinuously invest in refining our state-of-the-art trading systems, the basis of our unique strength in this area. In all our pro­­­­prietary trading activ­­ities, we focus on the creditworthiness, as well as liqui­dity and refinancing po­tential of the un­­der­lying financial instruments.
Customer Trading. We develop indivi­d­­ual solutions to meet our clients’ often com­plex needs in the national and in­­ter­national money and capital markets. These solutions include hedging transactions through the use of a variety of different financial instruments and preparation and execution of strategic con­­cepts and trading structures for insti­­tutional investors and other banks with special re­­quirements. We pride ourselves in provi­­ding outstanding transaction settlement services in this area.


  1. Adress

    Feuerbachstraße 26-32
    D-60325 Frankfurt am Main
    Telefon +49 (0) 69 97166-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 69 97166-111
  2. Management board

    Wolfgang Schuck


    (Chief Executive Officer)



    Paul Hiob


    (Managing Director,
    Securities & Derivatives Trading)



    Florian Wirsching


    (Chief Financial Officer)



    Hagen Wirth


    (Managing Director,
    Treasury & Securities Finance))



    James Leach


    (Chief Operating Office)

  3. Year of establishment

  4. Employees

    112 Maple Bank GmbH, Frankfurt am Main


    17 Maple Bank GmbH-Toronto Branch

  5. Business activity:

    Securities and derivatives trading,
    structured trading and structured
    products for institutional customers,
    securities finance, treasury,
    agency sales, lending operations