Lotterie-Treuhandgesellschaft mbH Hessen: Service providers and supporters of Hessen


The Lot­­terie-Treuhandgesellschaft mbH is a mod­­ern service provider with head­­quarters in Wiesbaden. This holding com­­pany of the state of Hessen is responsible for the man­­agement of the LOTTO, football pool bett­­ing, the ODDSET sports betting ser­­vice, the supplementary lotteries Super 6 and Spiel 77 (Game 77), the instant lot­­teries, the number lot­tery KENO as well as the private lottery Glücks­Spi­­rale (Luck­Spiral). In 2009, LOTTO Hessen earned revenues of 581,4 million euros and it em­­ploys around 190 people. They manage the sale of products, professional CRM, sus­­tainable qual­­ity management at points of sale as well as logistical and technical processes. Around 1.7 million lotto and betting orders are processed week­­ly under the highest security precautions. They arrive at the Wiesbaden cen­­tral com­­­­puter on­­line from a network of around 2,000 points of sale. Out of all lotto and betting entries, almost 282 million euros were paid out as prize money in 2009. Furthermore, around 97 million euros were passed on to the state of Hessen as direct aid for sports, culture, social events and the preservation of historical monuments. The state received a further 100 million euros in the form of betting and lottery taxes; 41 million euros went di­­rectly to social, cultural and educatio­­nal institutions as well as as­­sociations for the promotion of sports.


  1. Address

    Rosenstraße 5–9
    D-65189 Wiesbaden
    Telefon +49 (0) 611 3612-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 611 3612-116

  2. Business activity

    Management and sale of
    state lottery services and sports betting
  3. Managing Director

    Dr. jur. Heinz-Georg Sundermann
  4. Chairman of Supervisory Board

    Staatssekretär Dr. Thomas Schäfer
  5. Court Register

    Wiesbaden District Court, HRB 2191
  6. Turnover

    2009: 581.4 million euros
  7. Employees