LKG Lausitzer Kabelbetriebsgesellschaft mbH: With fibre optics to a media-based future

In order to remain competitive, Germany is expanding its high-speed internet net­­work nationwide.

In the southern part of the Berlin region, the medium-sized company LKG Lausitzer Kabel­­be­­triebs­ge­sell­­schaft mbH (LKG), a member of the Lausitzer Mediengruppe, is a central player and specialist in planning, building and operating LWL and HFC net­­works. Fibre optic installations up to the end-user doorstep is the only way the future will work.

LKG has used investor finance to establish an FTTH network for 600 private and business clients in Grünewalde in the central Lausitz. Through the use of new fibre optic connections from the town of Lauchhammer, internet flat-rates with a genuine 100 Mbit/s or more are no longer a problem in rural areas. LKG’s next step will be to continue expanding the fibre optic internet net­­work in Lauchhammer.

Through the use of
customised advice,
technical analysis,
planning, building and operating networks,
suitable backbone connections,
offers for tenants and landlords through to
opening up commercial locations,
Lausitzer Mediengruppe develops customised solutions for its clients and partners.


  1. Address

    Am Bürgerhaus 7
    01979 Lauchhammer-Mitte
    Tel +49 3574 49307-0
    Fax +49 3574 49307-6


  2. Management

    Bernd Nitzschner

  3. Distribution

    Andreas Paul

  4. Year of establishment


  5. Employees

    approx. 80

  6. Business activity

    Advice, building, expanding, operating and servicing of/in fibre-optics, cable and wireless networks