Lilien-Carré Wiesbaden: Premium shopping – With individuality and ambience

Top-level shopping in a relaxing modern setting – that is what Lilien-Carré re­­pre­­sents in the state capital of Wiesbaden. In addition to functionality, ambience is the key word here.

Lilien-Carré was created by Multi De­­ve­­l­­opment Germany GmbH, which designs, builds and operates retail projects in city centres across Europe. Their projects are characterized by premium city-centre architecture that takes into account the characteristics and individuality of the city. As a result, each of the 140 existing projects by Multi Development throughout 17 European countries – eight in Ger­­many – is unique, unmistakable, and city-specific. These open, diverse pro­­jects are perceived, accepted and experienced as city expansions, which invigorate, em­­bellish, and animate the city centres.

The superior urban design projects by Multi Development have earned several international awards, such as the “MAPIC Best Developer Award 2009” in Cannes – the highest distinction in the field of ur­­ban retail project design and realization.



  1. Address

    Bahnhofsplatz 3
    D-65189 Wiesbaden
    Telefon +49 (0) 611 411407-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 611 411407-29

  2. Opening

  3. Shops

  4. Parking

    1200 parking spaces
  5. Center manager

    Norbert Beninde
  6. Business activity

    fashion, beauty,
    electronics, stationery,
    books, food, accessories,
    restaurants and services,
    offices, surgeries, hotel, etc.