Leybold Optics Dresden GmbH: Taylored solutions for more than 150 years

The field of excellence of Leybold Op­­tics GmbH, a renowned vacuum systems manufacturer, is development and production of systems for the coating of surfaces, primarily those of glass and plastic substrates. The company headquarters located in Alzenau, a town in northern Bavaria, and its Dres­den-ba­­sed daughter company have been part of the Swed­­ish private equity group EQT since 2001.

Highly innovative specialists in engineering and process technology are setting standards in technology and quality, which encourages even scientists of famous Fraunhofer Institutes to rely on the expertise of the Alzenau and Dresden experts.

The traditional name of Leybold Op­­tics stands for state-of-the-art vacuum coat­­ing technology and tailored solutions in the fields of 3D-coating/web, display/glass, optics, solar und spe­cial systems. The company is fo­­cused on the design and manufacturing of vacuum process systems and the development and implementation of vacuum processes for the de­­position of thin films, which may be used for the production of solar cells for ex­­ample.


  1. Address

    Zur Wetterwarte 50/Haus 303
    D-01109 Dresden
    Telefon +49 (0) 351 86695-16
    Telefax +49 (0) 351 86695-17

  2. Geschäftsführung

    Dr. Michael Liehr
    Helmut Frankenberger
  3. Year of foundation

  4. Business activity

    Special systems engineering
    Mechanical engineering