Landratsamt Rottal-Inn: Innovation in rural areas – Rottal-Inn county

The lovely county of Rottal-Inn borders on the eastern part of the MMR. The mot­­to of the economic policy is innovation in rural areas. One of the lowest unemploy­­ment rates in Bavaria is evidence of the sound structure of the economy, which is based on medium-sized businesses. It benefits, among other things, from the proximity to numerous large industrial companies of the automotive or chemi­cal industry. The favourable po­­sition near Austria and the Czech Re­­public encourages strong foreign trade relations. Bu­­si­­ness flights are possible at any time of the day or night due to the fact that the Eggenfelden airfield is ap­­proved for in­­strument-guided landing – an important location advantage. Ac­­ces­­sibility to the greater Munich area, par­­ti­­cularly to the airport of Munich, is also of central im­­por­­tance. Companies in­­ter­­ested in locating here find excellent con­­ditions: the ideal location in Central Europe, affordable commercial areas, proximity to uni­­ver­si­­ties, and highly qual­­ified and mo­­ti­­vat­­ed people. The Rottal-Inn county has made a particular name for itself in the field of renewable energies and innovative, award-winning environmental projects such as the cross-border geothermal en­­er­­gy pro­­ject with Upper Austria or the “Rot­­taler Sonnenwende” project, support­­ed by the EU and the Free State of Bavaria. The un­­spoiled nature and cultural landscape show the high quality of life.



  1. Address

    Ringstraße 4–7
    D-84347 Pfarrkirchen
    Telefon +49 (0) 8561 20-129
    Telefax +49 (0) 8561 20-77268

  2. The county commissioner

    Bruni Mayer
  3. Population

    about 120,000 inhabitants
  4. Surface area

    1,281 square kilometres
  5. Population density

    93 inhabitants/square kilometre
  6. Unemployment rate

    3,9 % (Sep./2009)
  7. People engaged in paid employment

    circa 52.000, davon Handel, Verkehr und Dienstleistung 59 Prozent, produzierendes Gewerbe 33 Prozent, Land- und Forstwirtschaft 8 Prozent
  8. Pay level

    28.687 Euro (Entgelt je Arbeitnehmer)
  9. Social infrastructure

    drei Kreiskrankenhäuser, 53 Kindergärten
    und -horte, 38 Grund- und Hauptschulen,
    drei Realschulen, drei Gymnasien,
    eine Fachoberschule, acht Berufs-
    beziehungsweise berufsbegleitende Schule
  10. Leisure activities:

    Golfplätze, Thermalbad, Europareservat, 970 Kilometer Radwanderwege, Kinos, Theater, Museen und vieles mehr
  11. Transport infrastructure

    Instrumentenflugtauglicher Flugplatz Eggenfelden, Bundesstraßennetz B12, B20, B388 und B588 sowie nächstgelegene Autobahnen A3, A92 und A94