Landratsamt Donau-Ries: Regional key player in the Donau-Ries district

Through the set-up of interdisciplinary net­­works, the regional management makes a key contribution to improving com­pe­ti­tiveness. What this definition of the re­­­­gional management as a promotional pro­gramme of the Bavarian State Minis­try of Finance, Regional Develop­ment and Regional Identity looks like in real life, is clearly evident in the Donau-Ries district. It has been a play­­er in the areas of edu­­ca­tion, profes­sional work­ers and marketing since 2010. Positive results could be seen quickly in the estab­lishment of an educational portal, company survey, or the implementation of an online maga­­zine. In 2013, the district was certified as an “educational region in Ba­­varia”, a strong network of stakeholders from the area of employment promo­­tion was set up, and the initiated image cam­­paign re­­­­sulted in a brand process. But this is not enough for this key player and re­­gional manager Kle­­mens Heininger, who wants to tackle the topics inclusion, inte­­gra­tion and volun­teering over the next few years.

The eco­­nomic situation is looking very good too: the region ranked third in the study “Focus Lebensqualität” and shows continuous growth in the num­­ber of em­­ployees subject to so­­cial insurance contributions. If the right moves are made on a political and economic level, a success­ful game will con­­tinue to be played in the Donau-Ries dis­trict in future.



  1. Address

    Pflegstraße 2
    86609 Donauwörth
    Tel +49 906 74-339­management

  2. District Commissioner

    Stefan Rößle

  3. Population

    129,208 Population (2013)

  4. Surface area

     1,274.61 skm

  5. Employees

    56,036 (2013)

  6. Jobless rate

    2.1 per cent (2013)