Landkreis Berchtesgadener Land: Hightech from the Königsee

The Berchtesgadener Land district in Ba­var­ia is unique in its combination of natural monuments, such as the Watzmann moun­tain and the Königsee lake, and the sus­­tain­able production of hightech. Premium products are exported around the world: The steel used in the construction of the One World Center in New York comes from the Anna­hütte steelworks in Hammerau. Components for drinking water and gas supply or production facilities for interior trimming for the international automobile industry are just a few examples of hightech in mechan­ical engineering. Numerous precision engi­n­eering companies de­­liver precision prod­ucts to the electronics, automobile and mechanical engineering industries.

The district is also known as a testing and development environment for applications related to the Galileo/GPS navigation mar­­ket. A branch of the ESA Business Incuba­tion Centre (BIC) Bavaria in Freilassing sup­­ports high-tech start-ups. The “Satellite Navi­­­gation” entrepreneur network, co­­or­­dinated by WFG BGL, has established it­­self through­out Europe. Young research­ers are inspired to pursue the STEM sub­jects at the Schüler­forschungs­zentrum Berchtesga­dener Land.

The tourism industry is expanding the al­­ready strong health sector. Innovative con­­cepts for health retreats, rehabilitation and the use of traditional remedies supplement competencies in the medical technology sector.




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