Landesmediendienste Bayern: Good films for modern education – A contribution to the business location of Bavaria!

The Landesmediendienste Bayern e.V. (LMD) lends out quality media for educa­­tional and informative purposes – for schools, young and adult education, all social organ­­isations, government institutions or companies. Media is available in standard formats. The DVD rental service is safe to use, and the cost of acquiring screening licences for the association is reasonable. The LMD operates an on-demand video platform and interactive film player (films accompanied by background material and teaching aids) in the KdL network for media and education which runs across the whole of Germany. Various institutions and companies provide media on different topics in return for the payment of costs – LMD ensures that the materials are used for educational and informative purposes and are made known to a wide audience.

It is of importance that media provided by LMD is guaranteed to conform to the copy­­right regulations. Legal security and fair payment for creative artists and producers are inherent components of the business location of Bavaria. Media provided by LMD comes with licences for non-commercial, public use for educational and informative purposes in Bavaria. In addition to media distribution, LMD offers media-didactic materials and advanced training, film discussions, film evenings as well as workshops on film topics.



  1. Address

    Medienhaus München-Schwabing Dietlindenstraße 18
    80802 München
    Tel +49 89 381 609-15

  2. Management

    Gerhard Engel,
    (Executive Chairman)

  3. Year of establishment

    1952 (Landesfilmdienst) and 2001 as Landesmediendienste Bayern e.

  4. Employees


  5. Business activity

    Media distribution / film rental and sales service for educational and informative purposes, media-didactic materials and advanced training, workshops on film topics, film discussions and educational offers related to film