Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen: Global and customer-orientated

Helaba is a European regional bank with business operations in selected international markets. Its bu­­siness model is based on three business divisions: “Whole­­sale Business and Invest­ment Banking”, “Pri­­vate Customer and Small-and-Me­­di­um-sized Enter­­prise Banking”, “Pu­­blic De­­velopment and Infrastructure Bu­­siness”.
In the “Wholesale and Invest­ment Ban­k­ing” Helaba concentrates its activities on six core business areas: Real Estate, Corporate Finance, Financial Institutions and In­ter­­national Public Finance, Glo­bal Markets, Asset Management as well as Financial Trans­actions.
In the “Pri­vate Customer and Small-and-Medium-sized En­­terprise Banking” di­vi­­sion the S-Group bank functions as the central product provider and service plat­­form for the group of savings banks in Hesse and Thuringia. Via the Landes­bausparkasse (building society), Helaba is the market leader in both sta­­tes in the home loan and savings business. The subsidiary Frank­­furter Sparkasse is a leading re­­tail bank in the Frankfurt/Main region. With 1822direkt it has a foothold in na­tio­nal online banking business.
Through the LTH – Bank for Public In­­fra­­struc­­ture Helaba is entrusted with the im­­partial supervision of public de­­velop­­­ment programmes for the state of Hes­­se. In ad­­­­­­­­­dition, it is involved in many development programmes in Hesse and Thu­­­ringia.


  1. Address

    Bonifaciusstraße 16
    D-99084 Erfurt
    Telefon +49 (0) 361 217-7100
    Telefax +49 (0) 361 217-7101

  2. Board of Managing Directors

    Dr. Günther Merl
    Hans-Dieter Brenner
    (stellvertretender Vorsitzender/Vice Chairman)