Landesamt für Archäologie Sachsen: Archaeological research in Saxony

As a specialist authority, research institute, preserving institution and museum, the “Landesamt für Archäologie Sachsen” (the State Office of Archaeology in Saxony) performs a multitude of tasks. More than 20,000 archaeological sites covering around 300,000 years of history are found in Saxony.

The State Office’s duties include research into Saxony’s archaeological heritage as well as its documentation, conservation and mediation. This also includes the protection and maintenance of monuments as well as the safeguarding of finds and other findings uncovered during re­­search. The State Museum of Archaeology Chemnitz (smac) also forms part of the State Office of Archaeology and has been exhib­­iting state archaeology findings since 2014.

Excavations that are at the forefront of con­­struction projects are particularly acknowl­­edged in the public eye and range from small-scale developments on individual plots within historical centres to long routes. Each excavation site not only backs up knowledge about Saxony’s settlement and its involvement in European history, but also breaks down structures still present in the ground that must be document­­ed more carefully. In cooperation with var­­ious universities and research insti­­­tu­­tions in Germany and around the world, the State Office’s scientists analyse the studies.

  1. Address

    Zur Wetterwarte 7
    01109 Dresden
    Tel +49 351 8926-199
    Fax +49 351 8926-999

  2. Management

    Dr. Regina Smolnik (LfA/
    Archaeological Heritage Office of Saxony),
    Rainer Büchsenstein (Commercial Director),
    Dr. Sabine Wolfram (smac)
  3. Year of establishment

    (Predecessor organisation: Landesmuseum für
    Vorgeschichte Dresden)
  4. Employees

    80 (as well as an average of 280 temporary employees for excavation and research projects)