KUMAS – Kompetenzzentrum Umwelt e. V.: The Bavarian network of environmental expertise

The aim of the network, founded in 1998, is to promote innovative environmental technologies and the cross-linking of Ba­­var­ian competencies. For this purpose, around 200 members from the economy, municipalities, chambers, research and education institutes work together in a trusting relationship.

Important aspects of the work performed by KUMAS include knowledge transfer, exchange of experiences, brokering of in­­formation and contacts as well as dynamic cooperation. The broad range of services offered by KUMAS contributes to increas­ing environmental competency and to improving the general framework for the Bavarian environmental management.

Conferences established by KUMAS are a great asset to the environmental sector. The Bavarian waste and landfill days, Bavarian emis­­sion control days and Bavarian water days are well­­-known beyond Bavarian borders. For many years, KUMAS has been represented at col­­lective member stands at the RENEXPO® energy trade fair for Bavaria and the in­­ternational environment fair IFAT. It has its very own environmental award entitled “Offizielles Leit­­pro­jekt des KUMAS-Umweltnetzwerks” (official key project of the KUMAS environ­mental network), which is awarded to inno­vative pro­­jects which con­­tribute to impro­ving environmental stand­ards in Bavaria every year.



  1. Address

    Am Mittleren Moos 48
    86167 Augsburg
    Tel +49 821 450 781-0

  2. Management

    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Thomas Nieborowsky

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Employees

    4 employees in the office, executive committee consists of 16 members

  5. Business activity

    Networking, conventions
    (Bavarian waste and landfill days, Bavarian water days, Bavarian emission control days), contact brokering and consultation, participation in trade fairs, support of the environmental industry and the environmental competency