Konsumgenossenschaft Weimar eG: 135 years of dedication to customers Konsumgenossenschaft Weimar eG

The retail industry is one of the most important location fac­tors of economic life in the Thuringian cities that also gains additional significance through city tour­ism. Precisely here the co-operatively moulded “Konsum” also has a long tradition. In this way also, the “Konsum­ge­nossenschaft Weimar” (a consumer co-operative) goes back as far as 1873, when it was founded by 110 members as the “Konsumverein Weimar” (a co-operative). The co-operative principles of favoura­ble purchases and sales at fair prices still apply today.
The “Konsumgenossenschaft Weimar eG” today trades non-food articles in the Thu­­ringian cities Erfurt, Weimar, Jena and Gera. The product-line focal points in the different business divisions are textiles, linen, shoes as well as hardware and gift articles. With its well-defined supermarket and store concepts for different target groups, the “Konsum­genossen­schaft” sets the course in retailing.

Essentially, the success of the “Konsum­genossenschaft” can be based on the following business divisions:


Consumption – “Handelshaus” at Weimar
One of the most important trading companies in the Weimar city centre is the “Handelshaus” (trading house) at Wei­mar, which was opened in 1996. With a sales area of around 9,500 square me­­tres it is, besides the “Atrium”, the la­rg­est city centre shopping and services property of the Goethe city – this in an ideal location at the theatre square. The product mix of the stores, which focuses on eat, drink and service, stands for the “consumptional” character of the firm. Af­­­ter some remodelling in 2008, the “Handelshaus” will glisten in re­newed splendour.

Fashion & Style – “Schillerkaufhaus” at Weimar
The “Schillerkaufhaus” (Schiller department store) in Weimar is operated by the Fashion & Style GmbH & Co. KG (a pri­­vate company), which was founded in 2004 as a fully-owned subsidiary of the “Kon­­sumgenossenschaft”. On more than 3,500 square metres, brand-conscious customers find formal and sports cloth­­ing for business and recreation. Here customers find brands like Cecil, Street One, Esprit, Gerry Weber, Mexx or Tom Tailor in the medium price range right to designer wear by Hugo Boss, Joop, Otto Kern, Strellson, Marc O‚Polo or Tommy Hilfinger for example. A comprehensive service supports the con­­cept.

Licensed distributor – Modern Women
In the textile division, Konsum additional­ly distributes the Gerry Weber label in Erfurt, Weimar and Jena, through the subsidiary “Modern Women Vertriebs­ge­sellschaft mbH & Co. KG” (a distribution company). The well-known brand stands for quality and design in combination collections. The brand supplements the textile concept through the jewellery col­lection and glasses, which is aligned to the target group. Cus­­tomers that shop in the prominent shopping arcades and cen­­trally-placed stores of Gerry Weber are brand-conscious and expect a good price-performance ratio. This segment of the “Kon­sumgenossenschaft” is to be expanded to the Eisenach, Gotha, Arn­­stadt and Gera locations by 2012.

Specialized dealers and real estate
Last but not least, the “Kon­sumge­nos­­senschaft” also relies on the placement of numerous store concepts like “CECIL” or the shoe label “TAMARIS” and on the real estate bu­­si­­ness division. Through the letting of busi­­ness property an annual turnover of about 1.3 million euros is earned.


Classic – REWE-Konsum
The consumer co-operatives have their roots in their function as local suppliers of the community – particularly with goods for daily needs. With their offered products they rely on quality and freshness as well as on fixed delivery relationships with local producers and partners from the co-operative network like REWE. The “Konsumgenossenschaft Weimar eG” has, for example, in a co-determination association with REWE, founded the REWE-­­KONSUM-GmbH Weimar for the joint sup­­ply of supermarkets and beverage sto­res. In the 15 REWE consumer, beverage and super markets, around 370 employees earn a turnover of 34 million euros. Furthermore, REWE-Konsum is one of the biggest pro­viders of apprenticeships in the region.

“Konsumgenossenschaft Weimar” – 135 years of dedication to customers.





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